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John Chambers Announces JC2 Ventures

I’m thrilled to officially announce the launch of JC2 Ventures, a purpose-driven venture firm focused on helping global startups to scale, grow, and deliver solutions for a digital future. Startups are the future in terms of job creation and gender equality, and as such, we invest in companies and entrepreneurs that are committed to solving today’s most pressing problems – such as security and world hunger. In teaming with strategic, visionary startups, we hope to create new markets and new possibilities for generations to come. 

The JC2 portfolio already includes eight incredible companies that are changing the world and innovating ahead of major market transitions, including Airware, Aspire, Dedrone, OpenGov, Pindrop, Privoro, Sprinklr, and Uniphore. For these companies, and each startup that we add to our portfolio in the months and years to come, we are much more than investors. We’re mentors of digital innovation, who coach each company on their journey, using our experiences to help them see around corners, accelerate markets, and create entirely new ones. And we’re fully committed to becoming the most strategic partner and mentor to each of our portfolio companies on their growth journeys.

January 16, 2018 / John Chambers announces the launch of JC2 Ventures

I’m pleased to have my son, John J. Chambers joining me as Head of Growth, and my long-time colleague, Shannon Pina, joining me as Chief of Staff. Their passion for fueling startup ecosystems around the world, coupled with their experience working with innovative global companies will no doubt be invaluable in helping our portfolio companies to achieve their goals. 

At JC2, our mission is to change the world through digitization and startups. Moving forward, you’ll see us continue to invest in companies across industries and geographies that share our passion for solving major issues using digital technologies. 

Our investments will initially focus on the following categories:  Internet of Things, digital communications (such as social media, customer experience, and voice as the next platform), security, agtech, and companies with digital implications.

As we’ve done with our first 8 portfolio companies, we’ll be looking for companies that: 

  • Lead in a market transition based on their vision, strategy, technology and business model
  • Have a world-class CEO who wants a role model and mentor to learn from 
  • Have the potential to become #1 or #2 in their space - a disruptor 
  • Close to an inflection point in their industry segment
  • Major lighthouse customers committed to their solution/products

Learn more about JC2 Ventures at www.jc2ventures.com