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We’re mentors of digital innovation, who coach each company on their journey, using our experiences to help them see around corners, accelerate markets, and create entirely new ones. JC2 Ventures is fully committed to developing startup companies, startup nations and a startup world. Bettering society by driving innovation, jobs, economic prosperity, gender diversity, inclusion, and success.

Company Bios

Founder & CEO / JC2 Ventures

Founder & CEO / JC2 Ventures


John Chambers

John Chambers, founder and CEO of JC2 Ventures, focuses on helping disruptive startups from around the world build and scale. He invests in companies that are leading market transitions. Chambers is also the Chairman of the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF) and was most recently appointed Global Ambassador of the French Tech by President Emmanuel Macron of France.

In addition to investing in and mentoring startups, Chambers promotes entrepreneurship, gender equality, and accelerating overall new business creation around the world to create startup nations and a startup world, as he believes that startups will be the core driver of economic growth and job creation in the Digital Age.

Prior to founding JC2 Ventures, Chambers spent 25+ years with Cisco, serving as CEO, Chairman and Executive Chairman. He currently holds the title of Chairman Emeritus with the organization. 


Head of Growth / JC2 Ventures

Head of Growth / JC2 Ventures


John J. Chambers

John J. Chambers, Head of Growth, is the company's resident growth and strategic marketing advisor, helping organizations scale across various platforms.  He also evaluates new technologies and opportunities while managing internal operations. Prior to joining JC2 Ventures, John led digital marketing teams at Houzz, Netflix, and Walmart eCommerce.


Chief of Staff / JC2 Ventures

Chief of Staff / JC2 Ventures


Shannon Pina

Shannon Pina is responsible for creating, driving and managing strategic communications for the organization. She also manages the day-to-day operations and is a liaison to the various companies under the JC2 Ventures portfolio. Prior to joining JC2 Ventures, Pina was John Chambers’ executive communications manager for over a decade at Cisco.